Monday, May 13, 2013

You Gotta Love Brad Parks

When I was focused on filling this blog with insightful thoughts, sketches of life and sometimes the mundane, I had included a monthly book review. Books that I had read during the month, giving a very brief synopsis and a thumbs up or a thumbs down. I stopped doing that. Not because I stopped reading, I just got lazy and didn't  brag blog about my ferocious hunger for the written word. Plus, I figured you had your taste in books and I had mine --- I Love A Good Mystery, how about you?

I like following the storyline, picking up clues as the author drops them along the pages, figuring out just "who done it" before I get to the end of the book. I've been known to come to the last page of a book and shout, "I KNEW IT!" And I especially love a good mystery when there is humor sprinkled thought out by an author that can pull it off with ease.
Marshall Karp is one of the best
Lisa Lutz - she's just plain crazy fun to read
Janet Evonovich - her earlier books are far better than the later
Just to name a few
I have to put Brad Parks at the top of my list!

His character, Carter Ross, is an investigative reporter in New Jersey. He's inquisitive, an original preppy, and down right funny. His one liners should be sneaking into everyone's repertoire. Coming from a journalist background, Brad Parks, has given the fourth estate something to live up to in his refreshing and very, very funny mystery series. 

IF you're looking for a great read, love to laugh until it hurts, then get to know Carter Ross and the man who writes some of the best prose around.