Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Confession of a Crazy Woman

I'm ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I've been a lurker, stalker and springtime seeker of the lilac all my life. I have been known to drive around town hunting this little bit of pre-summer bloom, sneaking out of the car with shears in hand, hoping no one sees me snipping a small bouquet of these wonderful fragrant flowers from an abundant flowering bush. At times, I have asked, begged and ogled one's garden enough to be given a bouquet just to get rid of me. And laughing all the way home with said bouquet in fist that I had scored (arm pumping action has been known to happen, too). I know I'm bad and shameless, but I just love lilacs. To inhale their fragrance puts a smile on my face and a little springtime joy in my heart. and with that being said.....

My darling daughter has written me that Portland Oregon is in full bloom of springtime flowering bushes and lilacs abound in that fair city. humpfeldo ... not yet in Bellingham. And no lilacs have been seen, ogled or stalked in the 222 miles north of Portland in Bellingham. Yet!

However, leaving our "one stop shopping" establishment this morning I noticed a light whiff in the air --- could it be? is that a true lilac scent, I smell? Lo and Behold right there, next to the door, was a small display of springtime flowering bushes FOR SALE. AND WHITE LILAC'S no less. I grinned - I counted my pennies -- I purchased a fine specimen of Genus Syringa for my very own. It's gorgeous! I've been doing the happy dance for the last few hours. (More arm pumping going on here.) Now, I just need to find the "perfect" spot to plant my very own lilac bush. A small, hidden lilac spot to call my very own, protected from the lilac lurkers that are out there seeking, searching and hunting for a small little clump of springtime goodness. But, if they admire my fine display of snowy, white blossoms and shower me with flattery, I can be bought & I'll be glad to share a little snippet or two. It'll be payback time for the confession of a crazy woman.
(photo above is of my very own lilac bush - they ARE blooming in Bellingham after all. And yes, it will get it's very own scrapbook page, soon)


  1. They are gorgeous! I have been waking up to the scent of lilies next to my bed. I understand the need for these delicate delights!

  2. Lilacs always remind me of my Mom. They were her all time favorite.

  3. If any kiddlets would love a mother's day suggestion: Freddy's has them on sale with 20% off and still another white one and purple ones, too. If said kiddlets had a kiddlet in town who could get be the buyer with other kiddlets cheaping in ---- I know a MUM who would go crazy for a second one. If any kiddlets would love a mother's day suggestion. hint-hint-hint