Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's a family thing.......

Another digital layout and one more for the albums. All this creative talent in the family is amazing! My darling niece had an artist's show last year in Portland and I captured the image plus added a photo of her from her facebook page (hope that's okie dokie with you, El). I love that photo! An assemblage art piece that is well balanced, esoterically pleasing and captures a stable collage format. More family treasures to come --- it's a family thing.

rolling the credit line for the digital scrapbook page: Jessica Sprague's pattern paper, Katie Pertiet's tree (and tweeked by me). Photo credits: artist photo-Andrea Nelson of Lotus Photograpghy, artist-Eleanor Williams.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh! Oh! I think I'm Hooked ......

Although my scrap room has morphed in the last couple of years (got me some new toys, better cubbie holes that are filled with more stuff and a screamin' new puter) I found these pictures from 2007 and scrapped them digitally. I've been a cut-n-paste scrapbooking gal for 7 years and have over 60 albums to prove it --- but I gotta tell ya, digital scapbooking is F-U-N! I won't go totally crazy and just do digi from now on, just sneak some into the albums here and there. Try It, You'll Like It!

I did this layout for a challenge at an on-line weekend crop at SAS (Start A Scrapbook) or has the hubby called it: E-crop. Here's the required mention of product used on the above layout: Shabby Princess' Festival buttons, Fresh Air flower, Pattie Knox acrylic alphas, Katie Pertiet photo frame and tag, background red paper by ME. I actually folded a piece of paper, sanded the day lights out of it and distressed it, then scanned it into the puter to use. Easie Peasie

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's Assignment: Make A Love List

What makes you all warm and tingly? Places that you love, moments you want to capture more of, things filling your comfort zone. What makes you feel good? What's on your love list, today?

Post it on your blog or post it here in the comments. Or do both! Either way, really focus on what brings you a smile and I guarantee you'll feel happier afterwards.

Here's my love list: I love my nap times (or quiet times for those in the know). and my warm, red blankie. I love starting a great mystery series. I love being surround by family, playing board games. and discovering new ones. I love walking the Mall in D.C. at night. I love walking the Mall in D.C. I love road trips with my sons & discovering those little dotted lines on a road map. I love early morning photo shoots. I love mornings. I love the southwest Navajo red rock. I love scrapbooking and creating a safe place for the memories. I love Mexican & Greek foods. I love moonlight shining through our windows. I love Santa Barbara. I love girl chats with my daughter. I love to dance. I love my children's laughter. I love connecting with friends, old and new. I love Bellingham, it's mountains, it's bay, the peacefulness of it all. I love Saturday Market. I love cupcakes. I love to travel. I love Oxford, Maryland. I love lilacs. I love the color red. I love a juicy, everything on it cheese burger. I love ice water. I love moon rises over the Canadian Cascades (again for those in the know). I love Canadian geese. I love whales. I love BISON. I love Teddy Roosevelt National Park. I love daisies. I love Lake Pleasant in the Olympics on a sunny day. or any day. I love the smell of a freshly opened bag of potato chips. I love chicken salad sandwiches from Our House, and sorry to see that spot close. I love walking on an Oregon coast beach. I love the ocean. I love exploring lighthouses. I love campfires when created with only one match. I love ferry rides - it doesn't matter how long or to where. I love to create..........

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just musing a bit ~ while recently reading Brian Freeman's book Immoral, I found this passage that sorta just sat in my mind for a bit. I went back to the marked page again and again, re-reading this little bit of wisdom and thinking about this man's observation.
"How the course of our lives can change so quickly if something is said or not said. We feel one thing and say another, because that's how we're brought up. We have our dreams and our fantasies though we rarely act on them. We all are, I think, more frightened than hopeful and more self sacrificing - the children, the spouse, the job, the community - than selfish. And that, I suppose, is good in the larger sense of maintaining the civilized society."
However, I like to remember, it's always best to follow your bliss.
Just musing a bit ~

Friday, February 13, 2009

Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the moniker placed on that fear of Friday the 13th. Author Charles Panati, one of the leading authorities on the subject of "Origins" maintains that the superstition can be traced back to ancient myth:

The actual origin of the superstition, though, appears also to be a tale in Norse mythology. Friday is named for Frigga, the free-spirited goddess of love and fertility. When Norse and Germanic tribes converted to Christianity, Frigga was banished in shame to a mountaintop and labeled a witch. It was believed that every Friday, the spiteful goddess convened a meeting with eleven other witches, plus the devil - a gathering of thirteen - and plotted ill turns of fate for the coming week. For many centuries in Scandinavia, Friday was known as "Witches' Sabbath."

Today, may be the day to grab those rabbit foot charms, four leaf clovers, rub your pet rock, wear your lucky shirt or keep the salt shaker handy --- cause you just might need it, today, or on March 13th or November 13th, 2009. Happy Friday the 13th!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A daughter........

"A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend" (author unknown). Ah, so true, so true. Not long ago, Andrea emailed me some pictures she had taken of herself -- arm extended self-portrait snapshots. And as you know "if you give your mom a picture ~ it's going to be scrapbooked" (see January's article If You Give A Mouse A Cookie).

It wasn't until I saw these recent snapshots that I saw the resemblance --- she looks like me! I always saw the Mansfield features. Her thick, dark hair, brown eyes and that beautiful smile that captures your heart. But, there it was in black and white: a mini ME. But, she is just a tiny reflection of me. She is her own woman. A woman who is refreshing, kind and full of magic.

sidebar: the layout pages I did are directly scraplifted from Cathy Zielske's book, Clean & Simple Scrapbooking, a very favorite scrapbook artist of mine. Thanks, Cathy, I needed a lift.

Thursday, February 5, 2009 are AWESOME

A short, heartfelt, independent film that is well worth the 16 minutes it takes to view. Sit back, relax and add some smiles to your life, today.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's Talk Fonts

font (fant) n.; A design for a set of characters. A font is the combination of typeface and other qualities, such as size, pitch, and spacing. For example, Times Roman is a typeface that defines the shape of each character. Within Times Roman, however, there are many fonts to choose from -- different sizes, italic, bold and so on. (The term font is often used incorrectly as a synonym for typeface.)
I love fonts - they are the expression of the written puter word. I have hundreds at my disposal and I use most of them weekly. The Serif, the sans-serif, the cursive, the fantasy, the old stand-bys. Check out the bottom of this blog for a daily font you can download. Have yourself some fun by create your own handwriting into a font at (a tip: it's best to do a print instead or cursive handwriting - the connecting lines (serifs) won't match up.

Remember the pangram, The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. - ? I found a couple of others that are just funny and wanted to share:
The job requires extra pluck and zeal from every young wage earner. And
Ebenezer unexpectedly bagged two tranquil aardvarks with his jiffy vacuum cleaner.

And, although there are no English words that contain all the letters in the alphabet "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" will always put a smile on your face when sung out loud.