Sunday, August 22, 2010

Taking a break from the usual routines and spending some quality time with the family. They're all in town and we're out playing, gaming, camping, dancing, eating, photographing and have a super, super time.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Luck

It's Friday the 13th --- Make it A Good Luck Day!

4 Simple Goals

My darling daughter's blog post, Bee Keeper Studio, this morning offered an idea and a challenge. Finish 2010 with 4 simple goals under your belt, a few wishes, a few dreams, a few things you've wanted to get done before the year's end. I'm always up for a challenge and then I thought about what my 4 simple goals have been for 2010.

One - New Camera
Earn the money to purchase a super, duper, big-girl camera and then learn how to use it. I earned enough for the camera with last year's journal sales - done. I took a 7 week class with Candice Stringham at Jessica called "Oh Shoot". I learned what all the buttons and knobs were and how to use them - done. I'm still on a learning curve with my new super, duper, big-girl camera, but I love it and having fun taking tons of practice photos.

Two - Journal Read Books
Grabbing an idea from my Darling-Daughter-In-Law, I've kept a monthly journal (using a cute one from Sam'sStudio) of all the books I read this year. I have wanted to do this for ages and just never got around to it. I read mystery novels and I've read hundreds - sometimes forgetting what I've read and if I liked it. I've been faithful this year and have recorded what I've been reading, it's been great to remember what books I've read, new authors I've found and what books will be read again cause they were so good.

Three - Trips
With two years of taking care of my Darling Husband and all his medical needs - I decided enough was enough, I wanted to get back to traveling this year. So, after our last bout of doctors and hospitals I told him "Stay well, we're hitting the road". I wanted to fill this summer with travel. So far: A fantastic flight to Portland and trip to Sun River in Oregon. A great camping trip to the North Cascades. A wonderful drive and ferry ride in the Olympic Peninsula to the Oregon Coast for a week of beach walks. My future travels? San Francisco in October for 3 days of bluegrass music in Golden Gate Park (ticket are in hand). 4 October days in Portland, Oregon for a concert by Mumford and Sons (really excited to see this group perform & spend more time with my daughter). And I have still have my November and December calendar yet to fill.

Four - Sam'Studio to continue
I entered and was accepted in this year's Bellingham Artist Festival. I did it last year and had a blast creating and selling. This 5 week festival of the arts is a challenge. I've had to create all the journals and extra booth items, design a new booth (still to come), and think out of the box to brand my product and continue the Sam'Studio project.

I never realized that I was setting up goals for myself all year long -- until this morning when I read my daughter's blog and just how much I've accomplished, plans I set in motion and goals that are happening. It's good to stop and pat yourself on the back - set goals that are doable and be able to look back and smile. Plus, this sounds like a scrapbook page just waiting to happen.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July's Layout

I'm still doing the Project 12 scrapbooking challenge -- to do a layout a month about each month. Here's July's layout. Great month! We got out of the house and headed to the North Cascades for a few days of camping, celebrated DD's 26th and played on the beach on the Oregon Coast for a week of sun-n-games. AND looking forward to August!!!!!
(layout inspired by a scraplift from a member of Jessica's Sprague's site)

Monday, August 2, 2010

July's Book Report

Nightlife by Thomas Perry
Another stand alone Perry book that gives us both perspectives - the chasers and the con. It starts in Portland, Oregon and moves south. Good read!

Runner by Thomas Perry
Jane is back and helping a pregnant girl run from the baby's father's family. It's a first in the Jane stories where the runner makes one big mistake.

Fidelity by Thomas Perry
Only read half of this book and that was pushing it -- no plot development

Third Person Singular by K.J. Erickson
First of the Marshall Bahr books. It got lots of awards in 2001 and it was Okay, just not a page turner, up all night book.

Strip by Thomas Perry
A strip club owner, 2 crazy robbers, an innocent bystander and a lieutenant all in the mix. A fun read - just not great.

The Dead Survivors by K.J. Erickson
Great history background to point the direction to the perp. A flag, a trip to Virginia and Bahr gets the job done.

The Last Witness by K. J. Erickson
Long, drawn out with a few clues and a snap ending. Not much of a story.

Along At Night by K. J. Erickson
Not a murder but a mystery of events. A good book, but in Erickson style = short on clues, short on discovery with a quick ending that was pulled out of the air. Her last book. K.J. Erickson is a female writing in the voice of a male hero and it shows - she just doesn't pull it off well.