Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.....

Do you have favorite sayings, verses, mantras that you keep handy for the appropriate times? Words that are jumbled together that just make sense when put together? If you crossed stitched or did typographical wall art, this comes to mind first? Cruise Pinterest scoping out sign sayings that catch your eye, heart or feelings? A saying that hangs at the bottom of your emails, blogs, tweets?

I have a few. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.......

If nothing goes right - go left


If you always do what you've always done,
you'll always get what you've always gotten.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pinterest Finds.....

You'll often find me grazing through Pinterest looking at DIY, Home and Furnishings, Photography, or on the home page. I haven't pinned anything, myself - but love what other web crawlers are always finding.  Here are a few really neat ideas that I've found and may have to act on.
If my craft room studio walls weren't slanted and had just one right angle, 
I'd go for this in a heart beat. Almost looks like an ole telephone niche.
Just too cute - I'm thinking bathroom

After hitting Costco - this would be perfect!

This is a must have -- NOW!
(they will so match my mason jar glasses set)

These are pillow cases sewn together - then add pillows - easy peasy!

I did something like these last Christmas - may have to go it again with a little twist

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Reveal --- before and after Guest Room Remodel

The original wall color was fine in the guest and the basic furniture didn't need to be replaced - just updated for a softer-comfort room. Since we have red in all the rest of the house rooms, I went out of my way to not have red in the guest room. Soft sage green won the toss for the color spot.
After searching all the local stores and then hitting the web, I could not find a comforter and pillow set that I liked. So, I made the new set myself. Fitting the queen size bed, I used 2 king sized sheets and a new down alternative comforter. The Euro pillows and front pillow from green/sea blue/ivory material.
I built a headboard with 4 foot pine boards. It was so simple - measured the wall space, tung oil finish on the boards and screwed to the wall with silver knob head screws.
I found some treasures at Goodwill - a new lamp that is adjustable for better lighting and an old tray that I painted and mod podged with vintage post card paper then I sanded down some of the edges.
New funky willow lamp shades for the side table lamps and added some reading material for our guests.
New floor lamp and side table/stool with framed photograph (by Scott Mansfield) art in a silver frame.
A spot for the suitcase to sit on the willow basket that is filled with all the room's afghans. I repositioned the room coat hooks and added vintage hotel room numbers that I made with metal sheeting and vinyl numbers.
On the large, far wall I created a wall of multiple frames that I found at Goodwill and either painted or shabby chic the wood and filled with artwork, posters, photographs. Three of the frames have background maps with our kids photos labeled on top of the frame. Yosemite with Scooter's photo, Olympic N.P. with Bruce's photo and Oregon with Andrea's photo -- turned out cute. 
A finial look at the bed colors

This was a 6 week project (with life taking up some time along the way).  The furniture placement stayed mostly the same with some stored pieces removed adding more space to the room, but everything else was changed. The total cost for the make-over? $300.00 with the most bucks going for the new bedding - comforter, new sheets, blankets and pillows. $50.00 for the headboard wood, $15.00 for the green table/stool, $47.50 spent at Goodwill for the frames, dresser tray and lampshades. Money well spent. We now have a pleasant, comfortable room for our guests and family.

The vacancy sign is out and just waiting for a visit.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Being Published - again......

One of my scrapbook pages is being published in Scrapbook News and Review for their June issue (June 12th release date).  You've all seen the page - it is the Mumford and Sons layout (May 3rd post) I did and posted here a while back. I haven't submitted any of my work in ages and last month I decided I needed an update to my scrapbook resume and went for it. Check it out --- but, remember you saw it first here.......

Friday, June 3, 2011

i found it on Pinterest and had to bring it home.