Wednesday, February 29, 2012

25 More A-Musing Thoughts.....

1 - I still think Robert Redford is dreamy
2 - I like people that really listen - really listen! And
     intelligent minds that know when to speak and
     when to not. I'll be quiet on that subject.
3 -  I hate grape juice - guess that's why I never got
      into wine.
4 -  I could soak in a bath, reading for hours -- wait I
      do soak in the tub reading for hours. (and the
      inside joke: Bombs away - mom's in the bath)
5 - I have strong opinions on organized religion,
      politics, and labels - but will never discuss them
6 -  I think of myself as a back-up singer for Dixie
      Chicks - although I seldom listen to country
7 - I taught my kids to talk into the fan to hear their robot voice.
8 - Put on a song from the 60's and I can sing along, matching every word.
 But, can I tell you what I had for dinner last night - nope, nada, still scratching my head.
9 - I hate drivers that come right up to my back bumper at a stop sign - are there cars that don't roll
      backwards - I think not.
10 - I don't understand why we don't already have 50 states that allow same sex marriage -- I just don't
       get it. Opps, I guess I just violated my #5
11 - I could dance til the cows come home.
12 - I have not had an alcoholic drink in over 40 years - ugh, poohie, I hate the taste
13 -  I love the Bad Boy in every show
14 - I collect pretty tea cups and saucers, photographs - whether I know the people or not, and paper -
       all kinds, stories, memories.
15 -  My childhood imaginary friend's name was Sally -- wait, there's Sally now (she had to dump me
        for a while, her friends didn't think I was real)
16 - I'm so happy to finally have learned how to fit physical fitness into my life - I've got the best coach
       (thank you Chris!)
17 - I think spelling is over rated - if it looks right and is understood, why not?
18 - I hate the labels that the world puts on people. Just stop it!
19 - Seeing people change isn't what hurts, what hurts is remembering who they used to be. So true -
       So true.
20 - I have a soft heart for bison and wolves, whales and eagles.
21 - I wish I understood all the electronic things floating around my world - at least how to program
22 - I hate it when someone starts talking over my talk - just wait a moment, I'll listen to you, too.
23 -  I hate running out of mayonnaise, peanut butter or pop corn
24 - If I believed in reincarnation - I know I was a Lakota Sioux in a past life.
25 - Hearing the rain helps me sleep better -- although, having my kids giving, forcing, enabling me
       with coffee recently may have something to do with sleeplessness (yum-coffee!)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Back in A Bit......

I'm heading out of town for a little R-N-R
See ya when I get back

Friday, February 17, 2012

A little background......

Friday's Story at Attic Whispers:
And The Band Played On
A little ditty about a couple of people who just happen to meet while enjoying a music concert
in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco in 1892.

When I found these two photos, I noticed they were taken by the same photographer (Cramer) about the same era, and the man's photograph had written on the back: George W. Bennett.  Being the genealogy snoop that I am, I did a little digging.

I found Charles L. Cramer, a San Francisco photographer from 1865 to 1905 with a studio called California Photographic Gallery and a partner named, Bailey (could also be Bayley). Charles had a wife, Melinda and a son, Frank. They lived at Pine and Kearney Streets in S.F.

George W. Bennett had 4 listings in San Francisco about this time.

1st George: married Sarah Conley July 29, 1892 by Rev. Beatty and lived at 939 1/2 Dolores in San Francisco (per 1901 directory) He seems to possibly have been from Michigan.  I couldn't find much about Sarah except she was born in 1865.
2nd George: Listed in the San Francisco Langley's 1893 Directory as a department manager for Levi Strauss and Company on Battery Street - this man was much older than my photo would indicate and in 1903 left California to Manage Economic Loom Company in New York City.
3rd George: Was a musician and had a band called Bennett's Concert Band. They mostly played marching band music and hired out for a variety of events. Again, older than my photo.
4th George: This man was very interesting. He worked as a S.F. Police Detective (Sargent/Lieutenant), was very well liked and usually caught his man (as court records of the time indicate multiple testimonies by George W.).  George retired from the force after 20 years in 1898. He and a few friends headed north to St. Michael's (not sure where that is) and mined for gold, they were there only a few months when -- He Struck It Rich! He became a multi-millionaire (by 1898 standards) over night.  Sidebar: in 1898 $1.00 would be equal to $25.00 today).

So, you see how this writer's mind works - I start with a photograph, hear a story forming and start writing. But, I can easily get distracted when there is information about the photograph I'm working with and start mining the information for details. I usually change the name (if one is given and not many are), location and history (if I find any) and create a piece of entertaining, fictitious history. With this particular story, I had to use his real name -- the true histories was just too interesting not to include, although I combined a few of the true George W.s backgrounds to fit my story.

Hope you'll enjoy today's story at Attic Whispers.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Color Points

I love looking at a fabulous photograph and pulling the colors out to form a natural palette of color. Mother Nature knows it best when it comes to coordinating color points. 

A photograph of Antelope Island, The Great Salt Lake, Utah
 by Scott Mansfield. See his other work at Mountain Over Water.

The soft hues of the photograph creates a wonderful, layered scope of combining soft and sharp brown tones with the subtle gray, sage green mist of the water to the ominous blue sky. Earthy. So serene and simply lovely.

Another photograph of Antelope Island, The Great Salt Lake, Utah
 by Scott Mansfield. See his other work at Mountain Over Water.

At first glance this photograph looks to have two zones - ecru and blue. This time the island blends into the lake matching the sky within a brilliant blue territory.  I love the rusty reds at the base of the seasonal flora sitting on a landscape of soft, downy grasses.  Could almost be translated into denim, khaki, and reds - my favorite color combo. Wonderful contrast.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Monday

I'm starting a Monday's Question.
Please answer in the comment section. 
This will be fun - I promise!

Monday's Question:
Put your iTunes on shuffle (or your playing device of choice).
Give me the first 6 songs that pop up.
My Answer is:
Cowboy Take Me Away - Dixie Chicks
Cell Block Tango - Chicago soundtrack
Cherish - The Associations
Mad World - Adam Lambert
To Love Somebody - Bee Gees
Pocket Full of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield
Tag - You're It!

Friday, February 10, 2012

More Just Musing....

 I've been racking my pea brain for something to blog about (since I started Attic Whispers I feel like I write everyday and I do, but for another site) and I'm going to take a page from Suzanne at Meridian Road's blog post and do a 25 list.  Here goes......

1 • I'm usually up by 4:00 AM - what's with that? - when I had to get up early to get my kids ready and out the door for school, I'd punch that alarm clock a half dozen times for just another 5 minutes of sleep.
2 • I hop into sweats when I get out of bed and could stay in them til noon -- wait, I do stay in them til noon.
3 • I love how close my kids are to us and one another -- we're far between in miles, but never in our thoughts, hearts or phone call.
4 • I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion - daily!
5 • My favorite color is RED and love it even more when it's in a plaid pattern (I'm not Scottish for nothing)
6 • I'm driving my dream car -- well, I wouldn't mind a little red sports car to run around in with the top down and the wind blowing in my hair with the radio blasting 60's rock-n- roll hits.
7• I love being in the middle of a good book and a good streaming TV series.
8 • My recreational reads are all mysteries -- I've read thousands.
9 • I love the seldom seen sunshine streaming in our two story windows - but hate how it shows up all the cob webs lurking in every corner that I will then attack with my telescopic duster. Living in the woods has a few draw backs.
10 • I love making hearty soups -- yummy!
11 • I surround myself with my family snapshots - here, there and everywhere - I miss you guys and gal!
12 • We told our kids to follow your Bliss, over and over and over. And they did
13 • I cry at happy endings and sad ones, too. Commercials, a story, a thought, a surprise announcement, taking my kid(s) to the airport/train station
14 • I don't miss working in the work place - retirement is wonderful and luckily enough to get a big jump on that date was more than great. I do miss not meeting and making friends that working out side of the home brings to the mix.
15 • I love my new web site: Attic Whispers -- I can't stop writing and have over 120 stories yet to post.
16 • I've had one driving violation - a speeding ticket, I was 5 MPH over the limit and the judge laughed and said, really? get out of here.
17 • I hate all my clothes in my closet, right now -- I need a new wardrobe!
18 • I could sit on a beach for hours and hours and never speak a word
19 • I miss my girlfriends from my 20's -- all the hopes and dreams we shared and fun we had
20 • I love to travel (and get antsy at the thought) especially when it's with my kids -- they are so much fun!
21 • I wish I could write like Alan Bradley.
22 • Surrounded by mountains, lakes and an ocean - I make myself travel the view of at least one of them every time I leave home.
23 • When I read a book, I NEVER read the last page first -- no no no
24 • I could go camping every week, if the weather would only cooperate.
25 • I love moonlight - I just love moonlight.....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just musing......

Do you have a nickname? I bet you refer to someone, some place or thing by a nickname everyday. I call my automobile Sassy. Our other car is called AMR (Ammer) which stands for Arrest Me Red.  In it's day it was a fast, sporty, red car that was on every officers radar to follow, stop or ticket.  We give monikers, or dub, give as a handle, label, use pet names or tag to everything. Since the 1400's in Middle English, nicknames have been with us, used by us, referred to by us. Babyface Nelson, Bloody Mary, Ivan the Terrible, Butterfingers Moran, Snookie, Emerald City, the Rose City, the Big Apple.  If you've ever watched a episode of Lost, you'll hear Sawyer (that hunky bad boy) throw out nickname titles willy nilly.

We give nicknames to our wee babies; snookums, punkin (with a "n"), bugs, sweetie. We give nicknames to our partners; hot stuff, babe, honey. We give or have been given nicknames due to our size, hair color or personality; slim, pee wee, fats, blondie, ginger, whiz, scooter.  We use a person's initials when referring to them; BA, AR, KC, SAM, Dee. Some of these monikers are given as affectionate tags to be spoken only once in a while and some stick with us for life.

I've been called S.A.M. before I was born - yes, dad wanted a boy for his first child (sorry dad). Once when he and I were in a grocery store, when I was about 6 years old, a lady came up to us and chastised my father for calling me a boys name -- we giggled and walked hand and hand out the store (it was our little pet name). But, it stuck. If I ever heard my full given name, Sandra Aleda -- I knew I was in trouble. I remember doing that to my kids, too (sorry kids). My school teachers called me Sandy, people who don't know me call me Sandy thinking they've got the nickname for Sandra. Nope, not me. I often tease my husband that I married him because his last name started with a "M" and that would make my nickname official. S.A.M. Cool! Better than the nickname he was given as a child.

When my husband's family moved into a new neighborhood and meeting the kids from the block, they asked him what his name was. Bruce will do, he replied. So, from then on he was called Bruceldo.