Wednesday, May 13, 2009

who are these people?

It wasn't that long ago when my darling daughter was bugging me to start blogging. Ok, I thought - but what would I say? what could I post? who would read this stuff? Well, most of the 1000 hits was little ole me --- has anyone looked at some of my aMusing stuff, today? I'll just take a little peek at my blog. I better put "something" new up to keep em comin'. I gotta tell ya, it's been so much fun and now I'm reading other blogs, too. I feel cool, with it and in with in crowd. I've got a blog! Thanks, Andrea, for taking your mum by the hand and bring her into the world of blogging.
But, who are these people hitting my blog 1000 times (as if I was counting)?


  1. you know, i don't even know how many hits i've had.. LOL maybe 10? LOL

    congrats on your 1000 hits!!

    heh! maybe it's you? LOL you're hitting yourself on a different computer??!?!? ROTFL! j/k ;)

  2. LOL. You're a trip Sam! Congratulations. And how do you know how many hits you've had? Share the secret!

  3. I have a counter at the bottom of my blog. Opps, there it goes again--- ding ding ding (just kidding)