Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 29th -- A Day In History

Check Out That Number --- 100! In our little part of the world, summer temperatures are usually in the 70's with a few hot days hitting 80, maybe 85. We have no humidity and it always drops into the 60's at night. We don't have air conditioned houses and a few of us have fans that are stored in the far reaches of the closets - they never get used. If air conditioning in cars were an option and not the norm, we'd have non of that (going with the NW preference of a larger latte cup holder would be our choice). We don't have buggy summers - we don't have lightening bugs, either (that's sad) but no large swarms of pesty summer bugs. We always have a slight ocean breeze to enjoy. Yup, in our NW corner, west of the Cascades, the summer weather is perfect and we like it.

We've had an unusual summer this year (following an unusually heavy snowy winter). Summer started a month early - we actually had summer start in June and not July 5th. I can count on one hand the number of rainy days in the past 2 months. We're on lawn watering & car washing restrictions. We hang out at the grocery store, just to cool off. We're in a drought -- unheard of for the rainy NW.

We broke the record on July 29th, the temperature for Bellingham was 96 - the hottest day in record keeping history ----- at our record keeping station it hit 100 degrees. No breeze, No lattes (hold the coffee, give me the ice), and No air conditioning. (Bellingham ran out of fans last Monday.) It Was Hot! But, I hear it's going to cool off today --- it'll only get to 94 degrees.


  1. Oh my gosh! Are you kidding? You don't want to come to my neck of the woods, lol. It is normal for everyday to be in the mid to upper 90's with humidity reaching 100% which means it feels like 100 degrees plus outside. But we've actually been cooler this year than normal. And most days we have a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Central A/C is a must!

  2. um, in Bellingham when it's 96 out it's hot. It was 98 at midnight last night! But don't worry, it's cooled down to a mild 96 today, phew, I finally get to wear that summer sweater of mine ;) see you tonight!