Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show and Tell

Today's assignment: Share With The Class
Keeping privacy in mind, in the comment area,
1. tell us who you are (no last names please)
2. where you're from (general location)
3. what brings you here
4. your favorite hobby
5. do you have a blog, web site or Etsy shop
we can visit and leave some luvin'?


  1. I'll start.
    1. Sam - ScrappySam - Mom
    2. The great Northwest - about 25 miles south of the border.
    3. It's my site - LOL
    4. scrapbooking and being a shutterbug
    5. You're on it, but check out my Etsy shop, too.
    Have a Super Duper Day!

  2. 1. Cindy (neat idea Sam!)
    2. Virginia, where it's hazy, hot, and humid all summer long!
    3. I love checking your blog :)
    4. scrapbooking

  3. 1. Kathie
    2. Ohio
    3. A link posted on DIY message board
    4. Love Scrapbooking, Digital too
    5. Nope, I'm technically challenged! LOL