Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Forever Thankful!

I like to take a moment this time of the year and think of someone who I'm very thankful for and send them a card or a message letting them know that they are appreciated. This year I sent my good friend Claydene this card. She has taken me by the hand and off this little mountain side, many times. We've gone out to lunch, she's taken me on some house tours (like the one of 15 $1,000,000+ houses on Chuckanut Drive --- WoW! that was fun!), bought my journals when I thought they were just going to collect dust, thought of me when she finds something fun to do; like the recent journaling class I'm in. She found us our new home in B'ham and became an instant friend. A very caring, thoughtful, heartfelt person that I'm honored to call my friend.
Thanks, Claydene for being my friend. Love & hugs, Sam

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