Friday, May 21, 2010

I wish ......

Really? Really? In our house that's about the size of it and when things start going wrong/broken/need attention I start looking for that wishing well. Lately, we (read I) have got the book opened to Murphy's Law -- if it's going to go let it all go at once and all in one week.

1st, You've heard of bats in the belfry? Well, we've got mice in the movie room (and yes, I have a movie room: filled with my mystery books, yarn to crochet, movies I love to watch and the remote is all mine - all mine). Those cute little creatures that can wreck havoc, poop all over and get into the smallest of small places where they just should not be. They are invading my movie room - not the kitchen, not the storage pantry, not the large cupboard of bird seed. Go Outside Little Creatures - it's nice outside - or you die.

2nd, our house alarm system (put in before we bought the house and don't have the codes for) has been going off at odd times throughout the day. AM PM it doesn't matter -- it's loud and we can't find a way to stop the darn thing (and can't find the power box it's attached to) - nor can we find a way to disarm the device - and are blasted out of bed when it goes off in the middle of the night. (by-the-way the previous owners were asked for the code: "Alarm? What alarm? Excuse ME, you put the darn thing in.)

3rd, the stove wanted to join the alarm blasting with one of it's own. It sounds an alarm that will continue every 8 to 10 minutes - we thought we had that taken care of for a few days when it got back into the act by bypassing the OFF code we entered and on Wednesday night went off every 5 minutes until I nudged the hubby and said, "This one's yours -- stop that noise". He did, turned off the stove at the breaker box. So, for now, no stove until the Maytag repair man (and don't believe the hype they ARE busy) comes out next week to replace our Jenn Air's front panel. The upside - I don't have to cook and we are eating out every day. I love eating out. And NO, I did not do this one to get out of cooking. Really?

4th, my newish window broke -- the inners just popped out. I have taken it down, studied it's mechanisms, tried various ways to put it all back together and had to prop it up with pieces of wood for the time being --- I really don't want to pay to have a glass person come out for one little window repair. It goes on the Honey Do List for now.

5th, our fence is falling down --- a post a day. Well, this has been a slow process this past year. But, now it's all coming down - one post at a time. I love our rustic, wooden fence - it's cute and well, rustic. We've lost about 7 (as of yesterday) and the rest are looking like loose teeth - just waiting for that little extra nudge to All Come Down. I'll wait until the son from San Francisco comes and says, "Got anything I can do outside?" Yup, son from San Francisco I've got a project for ya, follow me........

I know these are not major problems - and will eventually all go away - they give us (read me) something to do (and to spend money on instead of say more new camera equipment or scrapbooking supplies) - But, they are interruptions in my otherwise pest free, quiet, peaceful, home cooking, window closing, protected, environment.


  1. No soon enough, dear heart!

  2. MOVE! I have just the place for you.

    "what's that sweet daughter?"

    Oh don't worry, you will LOVE Portland. tee hee.