Thursday, July 1, 2010

June's Book Reports

61 Hours by Lee Child
The 14th in the Jack Reacher series and Jack is stranded in South Dakota where a snowstorm has a small town in lock-down and 61 hours to get it back to normal. Jack's skills put him in the mix with the local police to figure out how to protect a witness that will put the bad guys away for good. I started reading and didn't stop until I hit the last page. Fantastic book that leaves you with a cliff hanger and now waiting for the end results in his next book, "Worth Dying For" coming in October.

No Second Chance by Harlan Coben
Marc wakes in ICU from a gun shot wound, his wife is dead and his 6 month daughter has vanished. Another twist and turn Coben stand alone. Read it!

The Face Changers by Thomas Perry
Jane's doctor husband asks her to help his mentor disappear and finds another group copying Jane, but for all the wrong reasons.

Innocent by Scott Turow
I put this book down after reading two chapters --- I usually will try to finish a book, but this one wasn't one of them. A story that continues from 20 years ago and I could care less.

Blood Money by Thomas Perry
Jane gets mixed up with the mob families money man. Good story line with too many characters -- a good read if you can keep a score board of who's who.

The Rabbit Factory by Marshall Karp
Marshall's first book with Lomax and Biggs (the zany LA detectives). I love the humor that Marshall has created in this book and I'm rereading his previous 3 before hitting his new book. If you love a good belly laugh - fun characters - super story lines, then Marshall is your author.

The Spellmans Strike Again by Lisa Lutz
Once again, hang on for a roller coaster ride with the Spellmans. The totally dysfunctional detective family that turns San Francisco upside down with their escapades. This is just too funny!

Silence by Thomas Perry
A stand alone read (without Jane helping with the disappearing act). 6 years ago, Jack Till helped Wendy disappear, now Jack must find her before the tango dancing assassins, Paul and Sylvie do. A good story with similarities to the Jane stories.

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