Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I know it's only November 9th....

and yes, that is an elf on the blog in November.  I think that since I work in Sam'sStudio all year long creating products, stock, gifts and focused on the Allied Arts Artist Festival starting in November, I think Christmas all year long (or the looming date on the horizon).  Once I get all that is needed to fill my booth (done and done) - I start on family and friend gifts.  I make a lot of the gifts I give or at least get creative in the packaging.

Our family decided a few years ago to try and make it easy on the gift givers by each of us stating a "theme" and a $25 ceiling for gift giving.  Some themes are simple: Paris - Birds - Kitchen. Some themes are a bit harder to fill: In Your Own Hand - Self Portrait - Peace.  Once we get all the themes it's time to get creative in interrupting the theme to fit the person and think of the perfect gift.  It's been fun, surfing the Internet shops (our little town is limited in the shopping arena), making gifts and then seeing how everyone else interrupted the theme.

This year? It's all about being in the craft room (i.e., Sam'Studio) taking each name on my list and getting creative with the themes. I love crafting and finding new ideas to make and give, getting my hands in the glue pot, and trying to create a surprise. 

With that said, I'd love to be posting some really cute, simple crafty ideas to fill those stockings, packaging ideas, etc. I've found and have been making this year.  However, "the family" are the ones visiting my blog the most and then it wouldn't be a surprise on Christmas morn, if they've already seen what I came up with this year - something new - something fun. 

So even if I'm not posting some creative ideas -- just know I'm in the Studio, creating some Christmas fun. And if you visit Sam'Studio at the Allied Arts Festival this year, you won't be disappointed -- I've got some new items and reworked some of the old ideas with a brand new booth display that is just FUN!  When you come in the front door - head right and you'll find me. Hope to see you there!

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  1. I am in the same mode, and it's the first year I can remember that not only am I on top of things, but the ideas just keep coming! I have 3 lists going: gift ideas, blog ideas, show ideas. I am so my mother's daughter :)