Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm a cleaning machine!

The holidays must be coming --- I've been a cleaning fool! The house needed a complete, thorough, down on my hands and knees, cleaning.  I love having a clean house for the holidays and we've got a couple of early arrivals soon to be upon us.  I've spent all week getting the cob webs out (living in the woods the house is a haven for cob webs - pesky cobs!), scrubbing floors, washing down walls, pulling books out of the bookcases,  polishing and putting books back. Pulling books out of the bookcases and donating them to the library. I've dusted, polished, arranged, moved, vacuumed again and again. I've cleaned beds, changed sheets - hated said sheets and bought new ones for our guest room. Made a few trips to donate to Goodwill, taken a stack of boxes to the recycling center. I've washed windows (although not all of them), cleaned light fixtures and painted a few areas that needed touch ups. Made repairs along the way, called in a plumber to fix a couple of leaky faucets, called in the furnace company to clean the furnace. Cleaned out fireplaces (plural), blew the wrap-around deck & driveway of all debris.  Next week I can tackle the bathrooms and do a last minute vacuum (again). Then I'll sit back and enjoy my clean house and get ready to decorate it for the holidays. Now that makes me happy.  What holiday preparations make you happy?


  1. Maybe you should secretly place those surgical shoe coverings over your hubby's shoes :) he may even think it's cool! haha

  2. wow! i expect you'll have plenty of play time when we arrive :)

  3. Yes, Sara, I cleanly will!!!!!