Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decisions • Decisions • Decisions

We are in the middle of sprucing up our home's exterior and while living amongst the spruces, it's hard to make the decision of what color do we want.  One of the "we" wants a very light color - the other of the "we" wants a deep bark color.  The entire house will be this new color and we have to live with it -- both of us we's.  My thought process was to eliminate the red barn look and create a look that blends with the surrounding trees and foliage, a cabin in the woods, a color that looks aged yet fresh.  The other "we" just likes light gray (that was his total thought process).  The  current (and keeping) trim is a medium gray (or is it grey?) that we're going to match with a fresh siding color.  Decisions-Decisions-Decisions

Here are a few of the samples created from the Sherwin-Williams web site. It's kinda fun to download a house photo, highlight the area to be painted and play with all the colors they offer. Of course, not all of the "to be painted" areas were highlighted - so some of the old color shows up here and there -- but you get the picture.

Sample 1 -Current worn barn color
Sample 2 - Gauntlet Gray
Sample 3 - Pewter Cast
Sample 4 - Cityscape
 Sample 5 - Mink

I know there's not much difference between all these colors, just subtle hues and shades. I'm off to pick up about 5 pint sample colors -- brush them on and see what works for both of the WE's.

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