Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You're going to love this -- I promise!

More Pinterest posts that followed me home

This would be so cute for wedding tables.
Hershey Kisses instead of peppermint? OR Valentine candy hearts (if you planned ahead)
Use large round plates or serving platters - depending on the size of your tables.

A blank white canvas and Elmer's Glue
How simple - How beautiful!

Using shower curtain hooks to hang up those bags
If only I had the closet space to do this -- I'd be in heaven

Using a Large V-neck hooded sweatshirt
Cut down center - hem - wrap to the side and add buttons
Adorable - Simply Adorable!

A Goodwill suit jacket -- there's lots out there without the matching pants.
Find one that is a good length and fit (don't worry about the arm lengths)
Trim off the arms (or remove at seam) - leaving some of the lining from the jacket side to fold inward to create a finished edge. WahLaa- you've got a custom vest, man (or woman).

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