Monday, November 28, 2011

It's a Wrap.....

In my family, holiday gift wrapping has become an art form.

My hubby's family use to challenge each other to create disguised wrappings to house their gifts.  Decorating a train of boxes including an engine and caboose to hide the umbrella inside. The large boxes would have a castle on top made out of toilet paper rolls, empty wrapping paper rolls and little boxes all wrapped in white. Or a silver foil ice skating rink with a forest of miniature trees. Another box may be decorated to become a gingerbread house.  A large paper bag (with gift inside) was transformed into a reindeer with a bell hanging from one antler. The wrapping usually took longer than the shopping for the gift. 

Now, I have family members (yup, that's you kids) who are very creative in designing works of art in their wrapping ideas. The elegantly dressed brown shipping/craft paper, large cut-out initials, old photos attached to the tag (without a name - guess who that present is for?). Ribbons, twine, string, yarn, paper ornaments or stamped images, buttons and a few bows to adorn the wrapping of the gifts. We all look forward to see what appears under the Christmas tree.
Here are a few holiday wrappings I've found on the web for inspiration, help get the creative juices flowing and spark this year's creative gift wrapping.

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  1. I just busted up because I did some wrapping yesterday and looked over at my pile to find the following:

    pale icey blues
    craft paper belly bands
    yummy blue ribbons
    and stamped owls on the tags...

    my whatever are you talking about? HAHAHA