Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Been Too Long......

It's been ages since I've posted or read my own blog ..... if you've read anything on this site, you know how my spring and summer has been filled: planning, flying, hitting the rails, showers, weddings and baby watch. But, I took a moment to check out Pinterest and found some great ideas that followed me home. Here's a few to consider.

Repairs ~ Paint ~ DIY

Use a rubber band to remove those pesky, stripped screws.

Push pins attached to the underside and paint away.

So much easier than using painters tape - wish I'd known this trick a few years ago.

The simple tricks to make life a little bit easier

Curtain tension rods between shelves - so simple.

Cover a TV tray with 3-4 natural fiber batting, top with color-fast fabric and use the staple gun to attach to the underside: quick, easy small ironing board.

My favorite: attach IKEA spice racks to the side of a dresser for extra storage.

Need an idea to use the thousands of thumb tacks you've got: pencil out your wording and go to town. I love the look and much easier than hand painting or applying those vinyl letters.

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