Monday, January 5, 2015

Recent paintings --- Mixed Media

I painted this piece for my own home --- IF I did it over, I'd change a few things, but for now it handsomely hangs on one of my walls (I'm running out of walls - but not out of ideas to paint).

I did this piece for my son, Scott ( He is a fantastic photographer and I borrowed one of his photos and painted it my style. It is a scene from South Dakota and a road trip we (both sons and mom) took a few years back. We were visiting Wounded Knee and took a road north towards the Badlands. We drove and drove through fields of golden grasslands, blue skies and emptiness surrounding us until we came to a lonely tree in the distance. Of course with a photographer in the car and the picture perfect scene at our side, we stopped. I love the photograph and wanted to give back to the photographer that has shown me how to see the beauty around me.

This piece was for my other son, Bruce. I started out with a drawn, wind-blown tree to the right of the canvas and the more I worked it the more I hated it. So a do over was called for. The raised center circle that encapsulates the tree made for a great centerpiece and showcases the tree of life that I wanted to give my son. This is a mixed media piece using dictionary pages (under the brown bottom section), a hand-cut tree from cardstock and shadowed with ink pens and paint. I only used sponges to paint this piece and I like how it all turned out.

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