Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year? Still looks like the Old Year to me.

I've become a tweaker of the blog. I change this, add that, step back to look at the big picture and hop back to the drawing board. Isn't it wonderful to be snowed in for a few weeks, with extra time on our hands? With the additional inches we got this morning, I can soon claim a full month of "snowed in" bragging (or was that moaning?). Yup, the new year still looks like the old year to me.

So, veteran bloggers, how much do you tweak? Did you only tweak your blog when it was new? Are you still tweaking after months on the internet(s)? Does it really matter, or is a fresh image important to you and those that follow your words, your thoughts, your musings? Inquiring minds want to know -- are you, too, a tweaker of the blog?


  1. I still tweek and it's been years.
    Great to see you blogging!
    : )
    Paperzone Gail

  2. Welcome to blog land Sam! Have been blogging for a few months and just now starting to dabble in HTML- made my first official blog background this morning, but I change my blog looks with the seasons and now have music on it too :D. It's fun to decorate the blog!