Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So.......I make journals, I make journals to sell (see Etsy shop below), I've kept journals on road trips and love the written word. I would love to write - small problem - I'm not THAT creative. If I could write the Greatest American Mystery Novel, I'd be a happy, happy person. But, I don't think that's going to happen.

A good friend of mine talked me into taking a Journaling Class with 5 other woman lead by an instructor who knows what she's doing --- helping us start and keep a journal. Just for us, to find ourselves through writing, to explore our thoughts, dreams and ambitions through journaling. What a concept! I love this blog! To be able to write a few snippets here and there, letting my fingers whip around the keyboard, being clever with the words in my vocabulary - but to actually pick up a pen and write in my own handwriting - YIkEs! But, I'm adventurous and willing to dip my pen into journaling - after all I make journals for other people, I should at least journal for myself. At least..........

During our first class I had an epiphany "journals aren't JUST for documenting events and places I've been to or listing things to do --- they can be our alter self or our true self, one that will listen, not judge, be kind and keep me real with a little humor along the journey of writing (hey, journey=journal, I like that). What a concept! And if I don't get it right the first time, I've got hundreds of journals sitting around to grab and give it a go again and again and again.

I'll share a few of the multiple techniques we learn along the way - so maybe you too, will want to talk to yourself and discover (or rediscover) yourself through your own written word. A scary thought, but all it takes is picking up a pen (or pencil if you so choose) and just start.

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  1. I've started a whole bunch of journals. One i started shortly after my dad passed away. They were letters to him, talking to him and i've really enjoyed it. I've connected to my dad in a way that i never would've if he were here today.

    This is awesome. I'm very happy for you!