Sunday, October 18, 2009

For You, I Wish Your Freedom

For You, I Wish Your Freedom

by: Tricia LaVoice

Outside your window a river flows freely home, a butterfly waltzes with the breeze.
Blind to this beauty you are frozen tight in a cocoon of indignity unable to see anything but the past.
I walked your halls and felt the words of those who have hurt you. I searched your face for your smile and saw you believing in them. I walked your halls and felt you yelling out for help.
I listened for your laughter and heard your silence.
Outside your window a river is flowing home and a butterfly is waltzing with the breeze.
The water was once frozen, the butterfly once held in a cocoon.
What if the snow cap refused the sun’s love never allowing itself to be set free? What if the caterpillar did not trust to see herself as anything but a caterpillar never allowing herself to become the butterfly she was meant to be?
I know you cannot forget your past but can you see your beauty?
Allow the love to melt away your hurt and set you free?
Allow the trust to release you from your cocoon so you can be who you were always meant to be?
For you, I wish your freedom.

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