Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

They say that the average human being has 10-20 memorable events that take place a day. Combine that over an extended period of time and that is a lot of events!

It's been a fun month with lots of changes (read: Bruce's surgeries, Andrea's surgery and 2 week stay in Bellingham, and Scott's visit - and that's only this month) and memorable events (like backing into Andrea's car jockeying around our tiny parking pad at the top of the driveway from he_ _ , a major printer melt-down and goats that think the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence). But, I'm back from playing Doctor Mom and exploring the mountains with Scooter.

I've filled my wee hours of the morning with creating my journals, cards and tiny photo albums for the upcoming Allied Arts Juried Faire that runs for 30 days. I'm not sure just how many of these crafty treasures I need to create (hoping our Canadian neighbors shop til they drop) --- so I'll just keep cutting and pasting until I run out of supplies. If you could see my studio you'd know that is just crazy talk - I've got tons of supplies just waiting to go somewhere. I've come up with some cool new designs and may have to post a few of my new journals in my Etsy shop. Have I mentioned that a couple of my journals now reside in Ireland? Guess now I can say that I'm an international journal creator. LOL
To be continued.............

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