Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Additions to my camera family

I'm well covered --- camera wise! My darling daughter's Christmas surprise to me was a fantastic little Canon PowerShot that fits comfortably in my handbag (it's much larger than a purse) and has captured those "gotta stop and get that shot" while out and about. I'm not missing those shots because I wish I had my camera with me --- it's always with me, now.

And with a birthday fast approaching, I decided to use my earnings from my successful Allied Arts sales to give myself a new SLR camera. After much research & long conference calls with my professional photographer son, I decided on the Canon XSi that came with 2 lens (count them "2"). And as Murphy says, "Once you know what you want - finding it with a super discount and then finding out you missed the discount by 1 day", I had to go hunting. I found the same applied discount at Costco in Burlington (about 20 miles down the road). Well worth the road trip south. Now I'm on a huge learning curve. I'm use to my trusty Canon point and click that has been a wonderful workhorse for the last 4 years.

But, I'm well covered for whatever image I want to capture -- quick and easy and the super duper fine tuning machine. Smile --- because I'm looking at you, kid!