Sunday, September 26, 2010

(Mt. Baker with the only clouds to be seen for miles)
(Gulls, Herons and Canadian Geese galore)
After a few weeks of record breaking rain (it's fall after all) yesterday we had a perfect fall day to enjoy. 71 degrees, sunshine, blue skies and a day to celebrate. If you know the farthest northern corner of the NW USA, you know about Semi-ah-moo, if not -- it's a wonderful resort-spa-w/golf course near by, sitting on a long spit in Puget Sound. You can see the US/Canadian Peace Arch just across the water, with a water tumbled rocky beach, surrounded by majestic mountains with the Canadian islands dotting the western horizon -- the perfect NW experience.
And we took it all in.

It was a perfect 39th anniversary!

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