Monday, September 13, 2010

TNT Gets It Right -- again!

News Flash!!!
Untitled Allan Loeb Project – Executive producer/writer Allan Loeb, whose recent screenplays include The Switch and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, has crafted this drama based on The Rabbit Factory by novelist Marshall Karp. Recently widowed police Detective Mike Lomax and his newly married partner, Terry Biggs, delve into a world of mystery, intrigue and occasional hijinks. Lomax, who continues to receive humorous and heartfelt weekly letters from his wife a year after her death, tries to navigate the singles world while also maintaining his pedigree as one of L.A.’s finest. This pilot comes to TNT from Lionsgate Television. It was was originally featured on TBS’ development slate announced at the Turner networks’ upfront presentation in May.

One of my very favorite authors, Marshall Karp, has kept this secret for a whole year while he continues to write the funny stuff that Lomax and Biggs speak on the pages of his books. And TNT continues to bring us the good stuff to watch, get hooked on and look forward to shows that are well written, original and with superb casts. It's a good match! I can not wait to see Lomax and Biggs on the little screen (and can't wait to see who (or is it whom) Hollywood will cast for these two funny, funny guys).

I just finished reading Mr. Karp's latest book: Cut, Paste, Kill with Lomax and Biggs hot on the trail of a murdering scrapbooker. My kinda read (I gotta love this guy): Murder-Funny-Scrapbooking-and the name of the Victim is Bellingham --- that's all I'm going to tell you --- you have to read it for yourself and enjoy this mix of perfection. (or wait for my September book reports.)

I discovered TNT's line of shows when I recently stumbled across Leverage and instantly became a fan (I've got the first 2 series DVD's to prove it) plus it's filmed in Portland, Oregon -- It's fantastic cast zips out one liners and banter while playing modern day Robin Hood's. Pure entertainment and fun!

TNT bringing us Lomax and Biggs on the little screen -- Perfect!

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  1. I have been looking for something to read. Sounds like it would be right up my alley.