Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Book Reports

I didn't get much reading done in March -- me bad.  I got hooked catching on-line TV series. It started with Friday Night Lights (all 4 seasons and waiting for season 5 next week) and went on to Army Wives (another 4 season session with season 5 now playing on Sunday nights). Whew! I watched a lot of computer screen TV.  It was commercials...hit the next episode instantly...find out what happens with the click of the mouse. *children, please do not try this at home* me bad (but it sure was fun)

Dead Even by Mariah Stewart
The third segment in Ms. Stewart's Dead Series. Three prisoner vow murderous revenge - the first two had the FBI stumped, but they got their man (men). Now, the third villain is free and has an FBI agent in his sights.

Dead End by Mariah Stewart
With the first three books in the four book series, we meet all the players that cross paths, date, marry and befriend one another. This last book ties up all the loose ends. I'd recommend reading all four books in sequence, one after another to keep all the characters and plots straight. Well written stories with a little romance mixed in to spice it up.

Heaven Is High by Kate Wilhelm
It's been a while since we've had a Barbara Holloway novel by Kate Wilhelm. It was worth the wait. Barbara, the Eugene Oregon lawyer, is at loose ends. She's turning down clients, hanging out in her office doing nothing and doesn't really care. Until a desperate family comes in with a request that puts Barbara back on the streets and looking for answers. The streets of Belize, that is. 

Devil's Food Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke
Hannah's in the thick of things once more in Lake Eden, MN.  Her cookie shop is thriving and she's got time on her hands instead of flour. It's time for some sleuthing. This light hearted cozy has many twists and turns, with sweetie, Norman, mixing things up (and not at the bakery). Another great read through Hannah's life in the little town on Lake Eden.

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