Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Next?

Have you ever been hooked watching older TV series that you either missed or didn't care to see when they were on the small screen?  With the capability to watch instant play on the computer - I've been getting hooked for a couple of years. I go through periods of "I can't get enough" and playing catch-up with some remarkable programs.

It started with The Wire - a recommendation from my son and daughter in law.  And to date -- my very favorite 5 year series that is amazingly written, acted and now I consider a classic American series.  I've since gone through all that BBC had to offer.  From Poldark, Cranford, all the Austen movies (not a series but a series of Austen classics) Monarch of the Glen to As Time Goes By.  Mostly staring the British actress, Judi Dench.  With another S/D-I-L recommendation I'm currently hooked on Friday Night Lights.  I'm not a football fan, but this series is so much more than football. It shows conflict & compassion, tragedy & triumphs, family dysfunction & family togetherness.

So, what's next?  Got any recommendations?

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  1. ooh...did you watch Downton Abbey? And actually, you might try Battlestar's equally if not more story driven/character based as it is sci-fi. the first couple hours are awful (it was made as a tv movie before it was a series) but it gets really good after that.