Saturday, May 7, 2011

April's Book Reports

A Morning For Flamingos by James Lee Burke
Southern Louisiana is the backdrop for Dave's next series installment. Dave goes undercover after a shooting incident leaves him wounded and with a dead partner. This story brings out the best and worse New Orleans has to offer - from voodoo, drug lords to a new love interest surfacing from Dave's past.

Last Look by Mariah Stewart
When a dead prostitute is found, her identity turns out to have been a woman murdered 24 years ago, the FBI get involved. FBI agent, Shannon, remembers the 24 old case, her father got a conviction and execution the first time around -- did he get it wrong? Shannon needs to know and digs up more than she can handle. The first of the Last Series my Ms. Stewart.

Last Words by Mariah Stewart
In the nine years with the FBI, special agent Mia Shields has seen it all -- but nothing prepares her for the serial killer in St. Dennis on Maryland's eastern shore. While living in her cousin Connor's Maryland home, she and chief of police, Beck, are determined to find and stop the gruesome killings. Another good book by Mariah Stewart

Last Breath by Mariah Stewart
Archaeologist Dr. Daria McGowan is offered the job to curate her great grandfather's artifacts at the university museum her family established. When she finds missing artifacts that have been stored for over a hundred years, she calls on FBI agent Connor Shields to help investigate the thievery. Thievery isn't all that comes their way.  One of the best in the "Last" series by Stewart.

Forgotten by Mariah Stewart
(this book is listed as a stand alone - but really is the last of the "Last" series)
FBI agent, Portia Cahill, has just returned to the states and is handed what looks like a simple assignment.  Portia would rather be on the other side of the world fighting undercover -- but this new case just keeps getting stranger and stranger and she's out to get the facts.  Portia must communicate with the incarcerated serial murderer to find one more body.  When a copycat murderer surfaces, Portia and the original murderer's lawyer find themselves in unexpected territory with twists and turns no one expected. Very Good Read!

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