Friday, May 27, 2011

What's Behind Door Number 1?

A few weeks ago, I decided that our guest room needed a complete overhaul. It's the room that got all the left-overs.  Furniture that didn't fit anywhere else in the house - blankets and comforters that have been around for eons (and didn't fit anywhere else in the house) - changing art work and wall hangings to make it look pulled together (and never did).  It was time to make it a room of it's own. 

I have been painting - sewing - shopping - sewing - and giving the room a complete new look. It's starting to look the way I imagined it --- but, I've got a lot yet to do. Along with planning a birthday party, being a graphic designer, meeting with exterior house painters (yup, that's going to get done too, this summer), roof cleaners, and then taking a few days to feel under the weather  (where does that phrase come from anyway?). When the room is done -- I'm posting lots of photos. Before and After -- so stayed tuned.

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