Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And it keeps on coming.....

From our little 2"-3" snowfall the last few days overnight we got another 7"=10" I measured it around the house at various spots and had a reading from 7" to 12". And the BIG SNOWSTORM is suppose to start late this afternoon throughout Wednesday. Oh Goodie....

I know for those east of the Cascades, Rockies, or Mississippi River our snowfall seems puny, small, nor worth mentioning - but here in the NW it's making the news, keeping everyone over the age of 17 indoors and brings our city is at a standstill. When our rain freezes and blankets us as snow - we pull out the cameras to document the event, hunker down and wait for the sun, rain and warmer temperatures to arrive.  

Some shots I took this morning - just snapshots nothing artistic

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