Monday, January 16, 2012

Bellingham finally got snow, too

There have been many times - many - when the weather forecast announcement is:
Bellingham Washington
rain mixed with light snow flurries
disappearing overnight

HOWEVER, at the Mansfield house
there will be snow
disappearing maybe by the end of the week

We have seen the snow zone start at our driveway and end next door - they along with the rest of Bellingham will have rain, we'll have snow.

Granted we do live in a forest that I like to call the thousand acre woods and our driveway climbs hundreds of feet up from sea level to our house but when it snows it's the driveway from hell.  We just stay indoors and admire the winter wonderland going on outside and wait a week or so until it's all gone. With all the tower trees the driveway is protected (nor sees the light of the sun) and it will be a long time before we'll venture out (or down). 

Do you see the little red barn below - that's on the street level entrance to our home. We have 5 hairpin turns (you're looking at turn 3 - or as we call it The Clincher (it'll get ya if you're not careful), climbing up to the house and when it snows I'll give the neighboring kids five minutes to grab their sleds or skis and come play on the snowy slope. Of course this packs the snow into ice and takes us an extra couple days of warm temps to melt and let us use the driveway - but, it's fun watching them zoom down the driveway taking those turns like Olympic athletes.

We've had snow at our house since last Friday.
The rest of Bellingham finally caught up to us this morning --  it snowed!

It's time to snuggle up next to the fire, grab my crocheting project or read a book and put a pot of soup on for dinner, cause right now looking out my window the snow is really coming down hard.
At least it is at our home.

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