Wednesday, February 29, 2012

25 More A-Musing Thoughts.....

1 - I still think Robert Redford is dreamy
2 - I like people that really listen - really listen! And
     intelligent minds that know when to speak and
     when to not. I'll be quiet on that subject.
3 -  I hate grape juice - guess that's why I never got
      into wine.
4 -  I could soak in a bath, reading for hours -- wait I
      do soak in the tub reading for hours. (and the
      inside joke: Bombs away - mom's in the bath)
5 - I have strong opinions on organized religion,
      politics, and labels - but will never discuss them
6 -  I think of myself as a back-up singer for Dixie
      Chicks - although I seldom listen to country
7 - I taught my kids to talk into the fan to hear their robot voice.
8 - Put on a song from the 60's and I can sing along, matching every word.
 But, can I tell you what I had for dinner last night - nope, nada, still scratching my head.
9 - I hate drivers that come right up to my back bumper at a stop sign - are there cars that don't roll
      backwards - I think not.
10 - I don't understand why we don't already have 50 states that allow same sex marriage -- I just don't
       get it. Opps, I guess I just violated my #5
11 - I could dance til the cows come home.
12 - I have not had an alcoholic drink in over 40 years - ugh, poohie, I hate the taste
13 -  I love the Bad Boy in every show
14 - I collect pretty tea cups and saucers, photographs - whether I know the people or not, and paper -
       all kinds, stories, memories.
15 -  My childhood imaginary friend's name was Sally -- wait, there's Sally now (she had to dump me
        for a while, her friends didn't think I was real)
16 - I'm so happy to finally have learned how to fit physical fitness into my life - I've got the best coach
       (thank you Chris!)
17 - I think spelling is over rated - if it looks right and is understood, why not?
18 - I hate the labels that the world puts on people. Just stop it!
19 - Seeing people change isn't what hurts, what hurts is remembering who they used to be. So true -
       So true.
20 - I have a soft heart for bison and wolves, whales and eagles.
21 - I wish I understood all the electronic things floating around my world - at least how to program
22 - I hate it when someone starts talking over my talk - just wait a moment, I'll listen to you, too.
23 -  I hate running out of mayonnaise, peanut butter or pop corn
24 - If I believed in reincarnation - I know I was a Lakota Sioux in a past life.
25 - Hearing the rain helps me sleep better -- although, having my kids giving, forcing, enabling me
       with coffee recently may have something to do with sleeplessness (yum-coffee!)

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