Friday, February 10, 2012

More Just Musing....

 I've been racking my pea brain for something to blog about (since I started Attic Whispers I feel like I write everyday and I do, but for another site) and I'm going to take a page from Suzanne at Meridian Road's blog post and do a 25 list.  Here goes......

1 • I'm usually up by 4:00 AM - what's with that? - when I had to get up early to get my kids ready and out the door for school, I'd punch that alarm clock a half dozen times for just another 5 minutes of sleep.
2 • I hop into sweats when I get out of bed and could stay in them til noon -- wait, I do stay in them til noon.
3 • I love how close my kids are to us and one another -- we're far between in miles, but never in our thoughts, hearts or phone call.
4 • I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion - daily!
5 • My favorite color is RED and love it even more when it's in a plaid pattern (I'm not Scottish for nothing)
6 • I'm driving my dream car -- well, I wouldn't mind a little red sports car to run around in with the top down and the wind blowing in my hair with the radio blasting 60's rock-n- roll hits.
7• I love being in the middle of a good book and a good streaming TV series.
8 • My recreational reads are all mysteries -- I've read thousands.
9 • I love the seldom seen sunshine streaming in our two story windows - but hate how it shows up all the cob webs lurking in every corner that I will then attack with my telescopic duster. Living in the woods has a few draw backs.
10 • I love making hearty soups -- yummy!
11 • I surround myself with my family snapshots - here, there and everywhere - I miss you guys and gal!
12 • We told our kids to follow your Bliss, over and over and over. And they did
13 • I cry at happy endings and sad ones, too. Commercials, a story, a thought, a surprise announcement, taking my kid(s) to the airport/train station
14 • I don't miss working in the work place - retirement is wonderful and luckily enough to get a big jump on that date was more than great. I do miss not meeting and making friends that working out side of the home brings to the mix.
15 • I love my new web site: Attic Whispers -- I can't stop writing and have over 120 stories yet to post.
16 • I've had one driving violation - a speeding ticket, I was 5 MPH over the limit and the judge laughed and said, really? get out of here.
17 • I hate all my clothes in my closet, right now -- I need a new wardrobe!
18 • I could sit on a beach for hours and hours and never speak a word
19 • I miss my girlfriends from my 20's -- all the hopes and dreams we shared and fun we had
20 • I love to travel (and get antsy at the thought) especially when it's with my kids -- they are so much fun!
21 • I wish I could write like Alan Bradley.
22 • Surrounded by mountains, lakes and an ocean - I make myself travel the view of at least one of them every time I leave home.
23 • When I read a book, I NEVER read the last page first -- no no no
24 • I could go camping every week, if the weather would only cooperate.
25 • I love moonlight - I just love moonlight.....


  1. My favorites are #6...and #12 :) Thanks for that by the way!

  2. #17...that's me...always & everyday!!!