Wednesday, March 14, 2012

They followed me home.....

I started going to Pinterest a few times a week, then it was 5 times a week, then it was daily and I will admit it -- I was hooked. Hook-line-and-sinker! I'd fritter away an hour (or two) gazing at what other people felt was important enough to post - repost - and post again. One day, I told myself: STOP! So now I visit Pinterest when I'm bored, have nothing else screaming at me to do, or just want to see what other people have posted - reposted - and posted again.

and...these neat ideas just followed me home.

I have a stack of old windows just waiting for a new life and I think one just might make it out of the storage shed to become this.

This is so simple - yet - so creative. I have 3 large bins of scrapbook paper scraps -- hum....

What a great idea for tight spaces and I love the cork board lined lid

Photographs printed on vellum,
put on cheap wood frames
attach 3 together
put a battery powered little (IKEA?) light inside
and whol-ahh -- magic!

Not an idea but an awesome waterfall from Uluru Waterfalls in Australia
Enchanting - Surreal - Awesome


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