Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's Assignment: Make A Love List

What makes you all warm and tingly? Places that you love, moments you want to capture more of, things filling your comfort zone. What makes you feel good? What's on your love list, today?

Post it on your blog or post it here in the comments. Or do both! Either way, really focus on what brings you a smile and I guarantee you'll feel happier afterwards.

Here's my love list: I love my nap times (or quiet times for those in the know). and my warm, red blankie. I love starting a great mystery series. I love being surround by family, playing board games. and discovering new ones. I love walking the Mall in D.C. at night. I love walking the Mall in D.C. I love road trips with my sons & discovering those little dotted lines on a road map. I love early morning photo shoots. I love mornings. I love the southwest Navajo red rock. I love scrapbooking and creating a safe place for the memories. I love Mexican & Greek foods. I love moonlight shining through our windows. I love Santa Barbara. I love girl chats with my daughter. I love to dance. I love my children's laughter. I love connecting with friends, old and new. I love Bellingham, it's mountains, it's bay, the peacefulness of it all. I love Saturday Market. I love cupcakes. I love to travel. I love Oxford, Maryland. I love lilacs. I love the color red. I love a juicy, everything on it cheese burger. I love ice water. I love moon rises over the Canadian Cascades (again for those in the know). I love Canadian geese. I love whales. I love BISON. I love Teddy Roosevelt National Park. I love daisies. I love Lake Pleasant in the Olympics on a sunny day. or any day. I love the smell of a freshly opened bag of potato chips. I love chicken salad sandwiches from Our House, and sorry to see that spot close. I love walking on an Oregon coast beach. I love the ocean. I love exploring lighthouses. I love campfires when created with only one match. I love ferry rides - it doesn't matter how long or to where. I love to create..........


  1. Sam, you are brilliant! I posted my 'Love List' on the blog a few minutes ago. Thanks so much for the warm, cozy feeling inside and the great big smile on my face today :D.