Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just musing a bit ~ while recently reading Brian Freeman's book Immoral, I found this passage that sorta just sat in my mind for a bit. I went back to the marked page again and again, re-reading this little bit of wisdom and thinking about this man's observation.
"How the course of our lives can change so quickly if something is said or not said. We feel one thing and say another, because that's how we're brought up. We have our dreams and our fantasies though we rarely act on them. We all are, I think, more frightened than hopeful and more self sacrificing - the children, the spouse, the job, the community - than selfish. And that, I suppose, is good in the larger sense of maintaining the civilized society."
However, I like to remember, it's always best to follow your bliss.
Just musing a bit ~

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