Friday, March 6, 2009

Assignment: Book Report

Well, I’ve got some pimping to do --- oh pleaze, not that! (although, I could use the money - I hear young men and older/wiser women connections are hot right now.) Moving on ---- If you know me at all, you know that I love a great mystery series. I love discovering new authors, starting with book one and on down the line. I’ve read all the female authors from the U.S. and have a pretty good handle on the male authors, too. I don’t care to read dark & dirty or spooks jumping out to Boo me (I scare easily --- you know if you go down that dark and dank basement nothing good is going to happen). Plus, I refuse to read true crime stories (that evil does not deserve to be published) but I love good “get into it” mysteries. Having said that, given all the facts, I usually can pick the perp within a couple of chapters - but continue reading for the enjoyment of the story, characters I want to more about, the mystery of the book and the author’s writing. And just sometimes, I get it wrong (“innocent until proven guilty, Sam!”).

Here’s where the pimping comes in --- I recently discovered an author that has his act together and writes a most enjoyable read. Even if you don’t read mysteries per se, these books are for everyone. Mr. Karp is one of the funniest writers with barbs and banter throughout, great character studies, story lines that are plausible with twists and turns to keep you up all night reading and laughing. Lomax & Biggs are the heroes of the story, two LAPD detectives that you won’t be able to get enough of throughout all of Mr. Karp’s books.

Now, I understand if you have commitment issues - don’t we all - however, Mr. Karp has posted the first five chapters (they’re small chapters and it won’t take you long to read) of his third book, Flipping Out, being released the end of March. Hop on over to his web site and get a belly laughing taste of this great mystery writer’s book. And, if you’re like me -- start with book one: The Rabbit Factory followed by book two: Bloodthirsty. That is, if you’re looking for a good time!

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  1. those sound like some great readin'!! thanks for the info my gal-pal