Friday, March 20, 2009

In the scrapbooking world there are tags for certain styles of scrapbooking, e.g., traditional, simple, block, digital, classic, grunge, etc. I don't do grunge, using embellishments that have nothing to do with the picture or theme, scruffy papers, odd colors, and just stuff filling the page. However, I had to do a little bit of grunge to match this fantastic picture --- I just had to. This is one of my favorite pictures of son & wifey during a photo shoot many years ago and another digital page for the books. Thanks Scooter & Sara for a great photo. For an up close and personal look, just click on the layout.

(credits for the scrapbook legals: word art and butterfly by fei-fei stuff Crazy Beautiful, grunge frame outline by J. Sprague)


  1. Great photo and a great LO to go with it.

  2. This is an awesome photo - great l/o you did a wonderful job!