Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Playing Around

Nothing to blog about, yet, so I've been playing around with my header. (and a few of my new digi playthings.) That's heady stuff! Too much, not enough, back to the original or just back to the drawing board ? --- these are important questions a blogista needs to address. I'll just let it rest for a bit and see if grabs anyone's attention. I'm just an amusing blogger amusing myself, but, I do love those flowers.
my simple header and then I went crazy.......


  1. I love those flowers, too!
    I like the new blog header. I was playing around with mine lately, too, and then just decided to keep mine real simple for now.
    With photoshop the possiblities are endless!

  2. I can't decide, I just keep getting hypnotized by Woods. I like it! Maybe a thin red or green border around the whole thing?

  3. OK, I've changed it once again --- still playing.

  4. Like the look of your header Sam, it's so you.