Friday, October 1, 2010

September's Book Reports
A Bad Day For Sorry by Sophie Littlefield
I got to page 95 and shut the book. The story was all over the place with lots of references to past acts (but never told). Suppose to be a funny mystery - not so much.

Burn by Nevada Barr
I could not get into this book, either. Maybe, If I'd finished it it might have made some sense -- but, I would have had to muddle through it. 2 stories in alternating chapters, great emotional writing (maybe the author had to get that out there) but not my typical great read from Ms. Barr. Sorry.....

Cut, Paste, Kill by Marshall Karp
I have been waiting for this one to hit the stands for over a year - when Mr. Karp told me he was in the process of writing Lomax & Bigg's latest adventure dealing with scrapbooking. I begged my favorite author to put me in his book (I mean, geez, mystery-mayhem-scrapbooking). But it didn't happen (but, got a promise of it yet to come). Although, the victim's name is Eleanor Bellingham-Crump (curious and curiouser - Bellingham being my hometown). Anyway, Mrs. Bellingham-Crump is murdered and the perp left behind a scrapbook with evidence that Mrs. Bellingham-Crump's demise was not random --- or was it? Another great, banter filled read with Marshall at his best. Borrow-Check it out of the Library-Buy it- You won't be disappointed.

As Husbands Go by Susan Isaacs
Not nearly as good as Susan's previous books with about 250 pages of emotional baggage and 100 pages of mystery solving - or was it only 50 pages.

Dead Irish by John Lescroart
I was searching for a new series and picked up the 1st of the Dismiss Hardy series. I'll read another, but sure hope the writing and story improves with age.

Mercy Street by Mariah Stewart
First of the 3 book Mercy Street Foundation series (a foundation set up to pick up where the police and PI leave off and bring closure to open cases). Very well written by an author who knows how to put it all together. Great twists, turns and the start of a good series.

Cry Mercy by Mariah Stewart
Donor siblings gets a look at from the Mercy Street Foundation. Since I'd never heard of such a thing before, this was very interesting and a great premise for a mystery to evolve. Another good read with a little mystery & a little romance.

Acts of Mercy by Mariah Stewart
Another very good read in this 3rd installment of the Mercy Street Foundation and maybe the last. The FBI gets involved with a serial killer on the lose that seems to have ties to the MSF's latest hire.

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