Friday, January 21, 2011

4 Simple Ways to Pump Up Your Scrapbook Pages

1. Pump Up Your Photos
For most, photos are the main event on the page. So why not make sure that they are presented to their fullest. Use photo editing software to change the photo: saturation, crop/enlarge, change to black & white, fix the contrast, etc. If you don't have a photo editing software, design your page around the photo(s) minimizing your embellishments.

2. Pull Out A Pen
Make your page personal and add some doodling, sketching, and/or journaling.  If you do this before you attach your photos - remember - if it doesn't turn out the way you want, it's only paper and you can just do it again. Practice - Practice - Practice.  Practice on a separate piece of paper before you put it to the keeper page.  The more comfortable you get doodling, the more you'll want to add it to your pages Journaling on your pages tells the story beyond the photo memory.

3. Mat
Matting your page or photos is a simple way to add interest and keeps the eye on the page.  It's a great way to bring in a second or third color to your page. Single, double, triple mat - play with it and have fun.

4. Color
Don't be afraid to use color. Compliment your photos, pick one or two colors from your photo and emphasize your layout by using those for your color base. Use a color wheel to get a "feel" of what works the best to showcase your photos. Adding black and/or white is easy to highlight your colors. Try a monochromatic layout and really spotlight those photos. Change your photos to black & white and pick colors of your choice to play up the photo memory. When using color, I'd suggest using up to three colors - you don't want to muddy the page. Use color for the over-all look or just an accent.


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