Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are You Listening?

A few years ago I inherited a MP3 player from my son when he upgraded to a newer version MP3 player. It's now about 7 years old, heavy and drags in the pocket, and a bit chunky compared to the latest gadgets.  But, has been my trusty morning connection to our local radio station KAFE 104.1. The poor thing has been dropped from unforgiving heights, had many different ear plugs jammed into it, taken as many plane rides as I have and I think the leather case is keeping it held all together.  Lately, the poor thing has a low battery retention, static on the radio dial, only the left ear plug had sound and I was thinking Duck Tape may be needed to keep the headphone connection - connected. 

For my birthday (last Monday - if you missed the banner notice) I bought a new, rechargeable, FM radio, music storage device --- iPod nano.  It's so tiny (a screaming 1.5" square), so light weight (I know it's clipped to my body somewhere - just can't feel it or find it for that matter) and the sound is actually in stereo and crystal clear.

I feel Uber (awesome) - Wicked (great) - Epic (cool) to be in the 21st century with my 21st century radio, 8 gigs of music/photos/clock/pedometer/podcasts device.