Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A simple change...

It seems like every January I get the bug to change something in the house. Paint a wall or two. Find the perfect cabinet to house the "good" stuff. Clean out closets. Re-do the guest room, again. Move pictures to different walls. Organize something. There's really not much I'd change in our home - I love the way it looks and how well it works for us as is --- 
but, every January I get the bug to change something.

With red drapes in the dining area that matches the opposite red wall - it needed something to liven up the space.  The chair seats (from our 33 year old dining room set) matched the living room's wing chair (I did that when I bought the wing chair and new living room furniture about 10 years ago) -- now seemed boring.  So, I went fabric looking and could not find anything that was "it". A week later, while waiting for our Chinese take-out dinner, I ran next door to Tuesday Morning and found a king sized patchwork quilt that screamed "Take Me Home". It only took a couple of hours to make the new transformation -- now we've got some pattern in the room matching all that red and the other quilts I have scattered around the house.

It's still January and I'm searching again for something to change in the house....


  1. The chairs came out great! I love them - what a terrific idea to use a quilt. I love the country look of your home.

  2. Wow! I LOVE it...It's amazing how little details will make such a big difference. Really nicely done :) (also loving the new fonts here...)