Friday, February 4, 2011

Pinup Wreath

Recently, I joined a post card swap with my online scrapbooking group and I've been getting post card notes from all around the U.S.  I've Got Mail! The last time I was in this swap, I made a couple of scrapbook pages with the post cards tucked inside of pockets.  But, this time I wanted to do something different so I could see all these great American sights more often.  I remembered a Martha Stewart idea for Christmas cards --- well, I made one and now have my post cards posted just outside my scrappy studio. Thanks, Martha -- your inspiration worked.

I found the 14" embroidery hoop at Michael's for under $2.00 & the clothes pins were 25 for about $2.50. A very inexpensive craft.
Starting at the top and going clockwise, I hot glued the pins spaced 2" apart. The first one facing outside the next facing inside - then 2 facing outside around the hoop for 18 pins.
Easy Peasy
I attached a decorative ribbon and it was done.  I'll reuse this hoop for Christmas cards when the holiday comes around again, but until then I've Got Mail!

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