Friday, February 11, 2011

Post It Note Holder in 5 Easy Steps

Post it note holders make great gifts and are very easy to make. I sell them at my Allied Arts booth in the fall and sell out every time. (shhh-I wouldn't want my customers to know how simple they are to make.) 

• Supply List •
4"x6" acrylic photo frame
2 - 4"x6" pieces of paper
scrap paper for embellishment
9.5" piece of ribbon
a clear barrel pen
3"x3" Post-It note pad
1 - 3"x3" piece of card stock
Double sided permanent adhesive tape
Glue Dots

First Step - the 4"x6" frame
I'm using a 4"x6" acrylic stand up frame from Walmart (if you use another brand the measurements are the same, but look at the back and make sure it goes to the bottom - not all of them do). These frames are meant to stand vertical - we're going to lay them down.  You can use other sizes or the horizontal frames, too, to fit the 3"x3" Post-It note pad.

Step Two - the paper
Cut 2 pieces of paper 4"x6" -- one for the front and one for the back

With wrong sides together - slip the paper into the frame.

Step Three - the embellishments
This is where you can be creative and do anything in this small space. For the sample I cut a piece of paper 4"x 1.5" and lined it with contrasting paper. Layering circles (2", 1.75", 1.5") I glued the three circles together.  If you want to add a ribbon - it's 9.5" long.  Since the embellishment base is only attached to the front of the frame, it's nice to attach a ribbon all around the frame, holding the frames front and back together -- but it's not a necessity.

Step Four - the pen
I use Z-Grip ball point pens - it has a nice clear barrel. Unscrew the tip, remove the ink cartridge and insert a 1"x3.25" slip of paper that you have first gently rolled around a small pencil to start the creases and then roll around the pens ink cartridge. This takes a little bit of patience and practice.

Step Five - Attaching your embellishment

Using double sided, permanent adhesive tape on the top and bottom of the paper, attach to the top of your frame. If you're using a ribbon wrap around to the back and securely attached (I like Zot Dot  - they're permanent and hold tight).  Using pop-up dots for a bit of dimension, attach the circle embellishment to the center.  I glue a 3"x3" piece of card stock to the back of the Post-It note pad for extra support and attach to the frame with double sided adhesive tape - one strip on the top and one on the bottom.  If this is a gift - everything will fit nicely back into the bag the frame came in.
You're Done!


  1. i took mine to work...pretty+useful :)

  2. I love love love this! I may have to make one for my new office... Hmmm. ;)

  3. What is a good price to put on these? No neat!

  4. can u change the note pad and if u can what do u use to put on the post it pads so u can change it to another one