Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 3rd person in the room

The third person is like the all seeing, all knowing person telling the story. This tense is considered more academic and more formal than writing in the first or second person. It also seems less biased when statements are presented.

For your business market, when writing for your blog, first person writing is the norm. We expect your voice to be heard load and clear. Your readers want to hear your story. However, when producing a web site or the printed word, the third person is needed with one exception -- your mission statement, then it should be in first person.

For some unknown reason "we" believe what someone else says about you instead of "you" telling us all about what you do or how you do it. The third person comes with authority, the first person sounds more like bragging (and sometimes begging). The third person in the room give the impression of been there, seen it and loved it and wants to share "their" insight into your world. It's a way to convey your own testimonial about your business and the fun part -- you get to write it.

- - We'll speak of testimonials next - -

"The right angle to approach any problem is the TRY-ANGLE" (says Bryan E. Hoddle)

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