Saturday, March 6, 2010

Perception is everything!

Marketing 101:
As with most things, in business perception is everything. Here's a little story to consider.

Although two competing candy shops had the same prices, neighborhood kids preferred one store over the other. When asked why, they said, "Because the person in the "good" store always gives more candy. The girl in the other store takes candy away." True? Not really. In the "good" store, the owner would always make sure to put a small amount of candy on the scale, then keep adding to it. In the "bad" store, the owner would pile a heaping amount of candy on the scale and then take it off until it hit the right weight.
The same amount of candy was old, but perception is everything.

How are perspective clients/customers perceiving you?
Step back and pretend you're the client
- what catches your eye?
- what tone have you set?
- would YOU buy this?
- and would you come back and buy, again?
- are you giving too much (and then taking it away)?
(opps, it's been weeks since you've been to your contact site &
it will be weeks to get those lost clients back)
- or too little and then adding to the pile a piece at a time?
(keep your contact avenues fresh and always updated)

It takes less effort to keep an old customer satisfied than to get a new customer interested.

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  1. so true! my manager at an old job used to say 'perception is reality'...especially from the customers' point of view...loving these posts by the way...