Thursday, March 11, 2010

And I quote........

Testimonials from satisfied customers
You've received compliments on your work, your product, your business practice - use them to show new customers that;
1. your experienced
2. others value your work/product
3. people respect what you do
4. an affirmation of your character and qualifications
5. that your product has merit
6. it's evidence of trust
7. it's that 3rd person talking again, backed-up with proof

First and foremost, get permission to use the testimonial! You don't have to give a full name. Using "Susie said" or "from a satisfied customer" or "what people are saying" is just fine. And ask for your customer's comments. Either send them a returnable, form post card as a follow-up correspondence. Thank them for their business and a short questionnaire on your work (with the fine print stating you may use their comments as testimonial of your work). When you've received that compliment via email, etc., thank that person for their kind words and ask if you may use their statement. Just ask -- people are flattered that you would want to include them in your business marketing.

Then use it! Use it! Use it! And once again, people will believe what others think of your business before they'll believe you just telling them (even when they don't know Susie at all).

Testimonials are a great marketing tool --- use them!

"Variety's the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor" (says William Cowper)

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