Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The age of Aquarius

I have a little widget on my computer that gives me my daily horoscope read. I'm not all that into signs and stuff (and yes, I HAD been known to use that line "hey big boy, what's your sign?") -- but, once in a while a little tidbit of information comes across that is positive and worth remembering. This was last Friday's forecast and worthy of sharing.

The voices that whisper softly in your ear - not the ones that yell loudly - are the voices that you'll hear most clearly today. Avoid people who are brash and hostile, because what they have to say is definitely not worth hearing. Instead, pay attention to the quieter, subtler stuff that's going on. You'll be able to notice many new ideas, and you might even find a new way to connect with an old friend. Today is all about nuance and subtext.

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